Are There Windows for People That Do Not Want Their Homes Too Bright?

Windows are our gateway to the rest of the world. They’re our chance to experience nature outside from the comfort of our home inside. Most of us want our windows to let in a lot of natural light, which not only enhances the look of the home but may have health benefits as well.

But there are individuals that are not necessarily looking for this type of interior lighting. Some people work in the nighttime and sleep in the day. Others have sensitive eyes. Some people have specific design preferences and lighting needs that are only possible with a specific amount of brightness on the property.

Different needs call for different windows. All windows are going to let in natural light, so the ideal solution will be to:

  • Shrink the Size of Your Windows – If you currently have large windows and it lets in too much light, you can switch to smaller ones. At Cal Energy, we do what’s called “New Construction” windows, also known as “Full Frame” windows. This type of installation process means that you can install any windows of any size that you want, and can always shrink the size of the window to let less lighting in.
  • Cover Them – Windows are, by design, going to let in light. But you can always cover them. Blackout curtains are your most affordable choice, and some companies offer a protective film that can alter the brightness and color of the window.

They do not typically make windows that are designed to let in very little natural light. Most window manufacturers design their windows to let in light, and finding other forms of glass is going to be difficult.


For many people, the issue isn’t the light, but the brightness. Those with sensitive eyes, for example, can typically handle considerable “light” but not the “brightness” that causes them issues Bright light can cause eye pain for people with sensitivity. You want a lot of natural light to come in, but you want the sun to maybe tone it down a few notches. That’s something we can help with.

Solutions for Overly-Bright Windows

For individuals seeking to moderate the brightness within their homes without sacrificing the benefits of natural light, the market offers a variety of window solutions designed to balance light ingress and personal comfort. These innovations enable homeowners to enjoy the warmth and visibility provided by natural light, while controlling glare and excessive brightness that can sometimes make indoor spaces uncomfortable.

The best solution currently available, and one that we prioritize here at California Energy Consultant Service, is known as “Low-E Glass.” Low-E Glass is a type of window that has a microscopically ultra-thin coating. The coating is designed to allow light through, but it reflects back some of the brightness and heat that comes in through the window.

Low-E Glass, which comes standard on many of our window options, is far more energy efficient. By reflecting some of the warmth, your home stays cooler and the brightness tends to hurt your eye less. The tint is very difficult to see, so it’s going to look to you as though all the light is still passing through, but the end result is light that hurts your eyes less and lets in less heat, resulting in a cooler summer and lower energy bills.

Brightness, Darkness, and Your Preferences

California Energy Consultant Service has access to multiple window brands, hundreds of window styles, and the ability to install windows of any size on your property. We also have some INCREDIBLE rates for those interested obtaining an estimate. Give us a call today and let’s connect you to windows that are best for you.

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