How Can I Make My Windows More Energy Efficient?

The most energy-efficient homes can maintain their temperature throughout the year, allowing homeowners to save on their electricity bills. Several different factors contribute to a home’s energy use, including roofing, siding, and insulation, and it is important to keep these parts of the property in good working order. Despite the secure nature of our homes, energy is often able to escape from the most unexpected parts of our properties.

For example, many are often surprised by how much energy escapes specifically through the windows of most homes. This is typical of older properties with single-pane options, but even more modern houses can allow heat transfer right through the glass. Thankfully, there are several steps that every homeowner can take to make their windows better for the environment and better for their wallet at the same time.

How Updated Windows Regulate Temperature and Reduce Energy Consumption

As technology continues to progress toward more sustainable construction options, homes are expected to be able to maintain their temperature. Thankfully, manufacturers have been able to create more effective windows for today’s homes due to modern installation methods and stronger material options.

These are some examples of new window fabrication that can be more energy efficient, depending on the quality and type of windows:

  • Glass – Single-pane glass windows are no longer a viable option for home construction. Double and triple-pane windows are the new standard and both are efficient at increasing temperature retention. You can also save a lot of money by researching what glass is best for your area’s climate. If you are unsure, a contractor can help with these sorts of specifics.
  • Window Coatings – To improve energy efficiency, it can be a good idea to put a coating on some of the windows in your home, depending on where they are facing. You can also add another layer of defense against energy loss with special window lamination and tinting.
  • Window Frame Material – Choosing the proper window frame material can help you stop energy from exiting through your window. Vinyl, polycarbonate, and wood are some of the best available materials as they both feature low conductivity, which can limit temperature changes.
  • Installation Process – For a window to prevent heat leaks, the body and the surrounding wall must be tightly sealed. The best way to ensure that your windows will withstand temperature extremes is to hire a contractor you trust with proven experience in windows and a knowledge of energy-efficient installation techniques.

Residents in the Sacramento area can benefit from a variety of solutions provided by Cal Energy. We can increase the energy efficiency of their windows as well as reduce their heating and cooling costs. We will assist you in selecting the option that is best for your home before providing a professional installation thanks to our extensive knowledge of the area and the various energy-efficient window options at our disposal. Contact our team right away to find out more about our energy-efficient panels at California Energy Consultant Service.

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