How Have You Been Holding Up in the Heatwave?

We’re heading into our second week of >100 degree weather here in the Sacramento area, and if you’re like us, you’re… tired of it, to say the least. It has not been a pleasant last several days, and it’s not getting better for at least several more.

This is when your energy efficiency is tested the most. Even the best air conditioners, the newest windows, and the homes with the most shade can find that there are struggles during this type of heat. But most of us do not have the latest in energy efficient technologies. So, if you’ve noticed that your home is getting *hot* during this heat wave, then you’ll want to monitor potential causes and plan to address them accordingly.

Why is Your Home So Hot?

Now, not all the heat can be avoided. But a home that is getting really hot during a heat wave is a home that likely has issues that can be addressed.

  • Start with the HVAC – No matter what, you need to have an air conditioner capable of cooling your home. If your home is not cooling properly, then your AC may be to blame. All HVACs are going to be under a lot of pressure during a heat wave, but you should still be able to notice cool air circulating in your home.
  • Check the Windows – You can usually tell how energy efficient a home is going to be by when the windows were replaced. If your windows have not been replaced recently, then you can safely assume that the windows are causing issues. You should strongly consider energy efficient windows if your windows have not been updated in the past 20+ years.
  • Look at the Roof – If you have a home with a small attic, your home is going to get hot. If you have a home with traditional asphalt shingles, then it is likely to get even hotter. We almost always recommend metal roofing here at Cal Energy, because the way it reflects heat away from the property is second to none.
  • Review the Age of the Home/Insulation – You’re also going to need to look at your home’s insulation. But, if you recently purchased a home, you may have no way of easily reviewing it. So you can look at the age of your home. Older homes were less likely to have insulation installed if the siding has not been replaced recently. We can always help you review your insulation to determine if new siding or insulation can help.

We once installed giant energy efficient windows in a home that faced the sun, and energy efficient windows were capable of eliminating a lot of heat transfer. Still, situations like that are still likely to have some warmth pass through. But if your home has been upgraded throughout to more energy efficient materials, the amount of heat you experience can be significantly less.

For more information on all the home upgrades available, please contact Cal Energy, today.

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