Metal Roofing in Sacramento with Cal Energy

Amazing Rates on Metal Roofing with the Best Roofing Company in Greater Sacramento

We are all looking for better ways to save money on our energy bills and improve our home comfort. Cal Energy is able to do this through the use of metal roofing.

 As the best metal roofing company in Sacramento, we provide installation of new metal roofs made of either aluminum or steel, providing enhanced energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and an easier to clean roof that lasts for close to 100 years. If you’re ready for an estimate, or you want to learn more about metal roofing, contact California Energy Consultant Service, today.

All About Metal Roofing and Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that as much as 25% of their property’s energy efficiency issues come from their roof. Traditional shingles with mediocre insulation means that a considerable amount of heat passes through the roof in summer, and a lot of warm air leaves the home in winter. Combine these energy efficiency issues with the risks to your property as your roofing gets older, and it becomes easy to understand why prioritizing your roof is so important.

With that in mind, not all roofing is created equal, and the roofing of the past doesn’t need to be the roofing of today. Metal roofing is proving to be one of the most desirable roofing options currently available, and an asset to anyone that chooses to make the switch.

What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is roofing made out of refractory metals, traditionally aluminum or steel. If you’ve ever put aluminum foil in the oven, you’ve probably noticed that the aluminum does not get very hot. It’s because this type of metal reflects light and heat back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing it or allowing it to pass through.

Metal roofing is also not just metal. Modern metal roofing has been extensively treated with additional light reflective properties, sound limiting insulation, and materials that prevent decay and keep its color vibrant. This type of roofing is frequently rated to last 70+ years, maintenance is minimal, and the roofing essentially blocks the vast majority of heat transfer.

Aluminum and steel roofing is completely changing how properties are able to navigate climate change and reduce their energy bills, especially in the Sacramento area, where we are frequently faced with >100 degree temperatures. The cost savings and improvement in comfort can be substantial.

About Our Metal Roofing Services

Metal roofing is one of the rare types of roofing with very little downside. Though everyone’s individual preferences are different, and there are budgetary considerations to make, this type of roofing is a long lasting way to improve your roof’s form and function.

It is also very aesthetically pleasing and, unlike shingles, is unlikely to experience any distracting signs of aging or decay for a very long time. As long as it is properly maintained, it will often look like you have a new roof even decades down the road.

However, it still requires installation from a qualified team to make sure that it is performing optimally, and not every roofer is able to work with metal roofing. It is a specialty for very few roofing companies in the Sacramento area.

Here at Cal Energy, we have a team that has been installing metal roofing in Sacramento for many years, focusing almost exclusively on this type of roofing material. Our team has also only worked in the Greater Sacramento area, which means that our expertise extends to our local housing styles and installation requirements.

We know metal roofing, and our team’s talent and experience reflects that. We are also able to offer better pricing than many of our competitors and, depending on the time of year, a faster installation schedule to make sure you have your new roof ASAP.

California Energy Consultant Service has over 30 years of experience working in the field of energy efficient home improvements, and our work with metal roofing is a reflection of that commitment.

Get Started Today with a Free Estimate

Everyone needs roof a roof replacement. The question is only a matter of when. Our metal roofing offers some of the best combination of energy efficiency and longevity, and makes a fantastic choice for anyone in the Sacramento region that is looking to improve their property’s energy bills or comfort level.

If you’d like to learn more about this type of product, or you want to get started, contact Cal Energy today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been around in some form for many years. But we also know that in some ways, this type of roofing is new to many people in Sacramento, as very few companies are able to offer it. That is why we have compiled answers to some of your most pressing questions about metal roofing to help guide your decisions and help you find the right roof replacement for your home.

Q: How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost?

A: We know that cost can be a huge factor in determining the type of roof you need, and metal roofing is more expensive than traditional asphalt roofing. The exact amount depends on many factors, but is somewhere between 2x and 4x the price of shingles. That said, the cost savings from better energy efficiency, the lifespan of the roof (often with 50 to 70 year warranties), the low cost of maintenance, and the potential equity improvement mean that the longer you stay in your home, the more the roofing should eventually start saving money while your comfort improves.

Q: Is There Any Downside of Metal Roofing?

A: Metal roofing is widely considered to be the preferred roofing option compared to products like composite shingles. Cost is traditionally the only factor that pushes people towards composite roofing. Some people prefer the look of shingles to metal roofing panels, but usually metal roofing is considered a higher end product.

Q: Is Metal Roofing Loud in the Rain?

A: Most metal roofing does not get loud in the rain, at least not as loud as one suspects metal roofing to be. Some people report it as almost silent. Others hear louder noises. The noise of metal roofing is related to its insulation, not necessarily the roof material itself. If you have good insulation, the noise in rain will be quiet and comfortable. If you have no insulation, there is a risk of it being louder. One note, however, is that the noise sounds different compared to asphalt shingles. That means that the noise can seem louder even when the volume is the same, simply because it is not the same pitter patter we are used to. It is best to talk to our sales staff, who can talk to you about how metal roofing is likely to sound on your roof based on your roof type.

Q: Will Weather Affect My Roof?

A: Metal roofing contains additives that prevent rust, withstand hail, and prevent damage. Aluminum and steel do not absorb heat the way that cast iron do, so they do not suffer from heat related damage when properly installed. No normal weather conditions in Sacramento should affect your roof.

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