AC Maintenance, Repair, Tune-Ups, and Service with California Energy Consultant Service

An air conditioning repair company has to be able to diagnose cooling issues and repair problems quickly for the comfort of their clients. With a dedication to quick repairs at affordable prices, California Energy Consultant Service, is the company for the job in the Greater Sacramento area. We are here to help when you are in need of AC repair.

Wherever your home is, our Sacramento-based team is ready to come out and provide repairs. We service Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Roseville, Elk Grove and more. Whether your air conditioning system has completely broken down or you’re simply worried there’s something wrong with it that will need in eventual repairs,

California Energy Consultant Service is dedicated to making sure your AC is in working order. Maintaining the energy efficiency of your home is our number one priority.

Feel free to call us at 916-281-0548 or fill out our online form to get more information.

Why AC Repair Services are so Important in the Greater Sacramento Area

We all know just how hot the weather can get in the Greater Sacramento area. It is not uncommon for the temperature to break 100 degrees, and a light breeze is not enough to keep that level of heat at bay. Going without air conditioning during the hot summer months is often not an option, and we understand this at California Energy Consultant Service.

Trying to survive the summer with faulty air conditioning can also result in unnecessarily high energy bills, uncomfortable night’s sleep, and high daily temperatures that potentially dangerous for individuals sensitive to extensive waves of heat.

Looking after your health and finances throughout a heat wave often goes hand in hand with making sure your home is prepared and your air conditioning is running consistently. That’s why our repair specialists are dedicated to both saving you money on your energy bill and ensuring that your AC system is working properly. Both need to be true for you to have a comfortable summer.

How Do I Know My AC Needs to be Repaired?

A spike in your next energy bill could be the first time you realize your conditioning system is not running the way it is supposed. A broken AC unit is often to blame when the energy efficiency of a home plummets.

If you’re looking for other signs that your air conditioning unit may be broken, there are other minor problems you should watch out for. These often include:

  • Your air conditioning unit has ceased functioning.
  • The air coming out of your AC is warm or at room temperature.
  • You continuously hear noises such as machinery rattling, banging, or squeaking.
  • Odd odors such as burning or mold should be examined immediately.
  • The coils of your AC unit are frozen.
  • If there any leaks around your outdoor AC unit, they should be repaired quickly.
  • If your air conditioning unit is not functioning continuously consistently, this is a sign it needs to be repaired or replaced.

If you notice a change in your AC unit’s quality, this is usually a good sign that it needs to be repaired. Calling the California Energy Consultant Service to schedule a house call to your property is the best next step to identify any issues and decide which repairs are necessary for your air conditioning unit. We will be able to examine any thermostats, ductwork, coils, or compressors as well as any other pivotal pieces of machinery to see what the issue is.

With over 50 years of experience working with air conditioning units in the often-boiling hot Greater Sacramento area, we are well-versed in tackling the different qualities of various manufacturers, including:

  • Goodman
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Carrier
  • Rheem
  • Lennox
  • Ruud
  • Bryant
  • Trane, and More

You can always trust our team to look for the most affordable solution as well. Keeping your costs low is the best way we know how to make a job go smoothly and stress free for you.

If we tell you your air conditioning unit needs to be completely replaced due to energy efficiency issues, you can rest easy knowing that we’re giving our honest advice to you, and nothing else. This suggestion will also be paired with a quote for a new HVAC service with no obligation to say yes, and no pressure to work with us. We only want the best for your home.

AC Repair and Maintenance Local to Sacramento

Often your air conditioning issue can simply be because of the passing of time. Aging naturally wears away at our properties, and many HVAC issues are not caused by something breaking down, but simply natural wear and tear. When this happens, it is also an opportunity for your home to update its energy efficiency, as performance ratings continue to climb while we work with cutting-edge energy conservation technology to save you money.

We know what we’re looking for in a broken air conditioning system. That means that we can tell the difference between potential long-term problems and a functioning HVAC that simply needs a few small repairs or adjustments. If there is a new issue developing in your air conditioning unit, we will be able to find it and prevent things from getting worse. This is the value of an air conditioning tune-up. Regular maintenance can help your property avoid costly repairs or replacements down the line and extend the life of your AC unit.

Why California Energy Consultant Service is the Right Team for Your AC Needs

The problem with your air conditioning unit can potentially create more issues if not dealt with quickly. We know this and are ready to work all summer long to keep your property functioning at a high level of energy efficiency for a price you can afford. Beyond that, we’ve also developed a service process that you can trust.

Our team puts you and your home first whether it is regular maintenance or even an emergency repair. We guarantee that our services will be:

  • Efficient and Quick – Our team’s schedules can be easily aligned to yours for flexible visits and fast turnaround times. You can count on us to get your air conditioning unit repaired and back in working order quickly once we arrive at your property.
  • Cost-Effective – Although our dedication to long-term energy efficiency will save you money over time, you can rest assured our inspection and repair rates will also be affordable. We save you money from beginning to end.
  • Educated and Honest – We are only going to ever offer accurate information about your air conditioning unit, its relationship with your property, and how best we can save you money while getting repairs done in a timely fashion. When it comes to our repair recommendations, you can always trust us to be honest about what we think is best for your home.

Whether it’s in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Roseville, Orangevale, El Dorado, Placer, or Sacramento, our AC repairmen are ready to give you the best service possible and keep your home cool and comfortable.

With over 40 years of experience in creating energy efficient homes in the Sacramento area, you can count on us to tailor your air conditioning situation to your home in the most efficient way possible.

Call Us Today for Fast and Efficient AC Repair 

The last thing we want is for you to spend the summer in the Great Sacramento area without air conditioning. Whatever problem you’re having with your air conditioner, contact California Energy Consultant Service to get it quickly under control and begin our AC repairs to keep your home cool. Contact our team to schedule a visit and let us protect your home from any potential AC issues in the future.

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