New Construction Windows – Enhance Your Property

California Energy Consultant Service Provides New Construction Window Installation in Sacramento

Cal Energy is your trusted partner for new construction windows in the Greater Sacramento area. We work with only the best window brands including Milgard, Simonton, Andersen, and more, and offer the finest selection of high-quality new construction windows.

We offer more window products at an even lower cost to those in Sacramento looking for new construction windows. We provide no-pressure, no-obligation quotes.

Our team of skilled contractors and installers respects both you and your property and provides superior new window services for homeowners throughout the region. Discover the perfect windows for your new construction project by filling out our convenient online form or giving us a call to schedule an appointment.

What Are New Construction Windows?

New construction windows, also called “Full Frame Windows,” are specifically designed for properties under construction or undergoing significant renovations. Unlike replacement windows, which are installed within existing window frames, new construction windows require complete installation within the wall cavities of the building’s structure. They are an essential component of the initial construction process and offer several unique advantages over replacement windows, including:

  1. Installation Method – New construction windows are installed into the property and surrounded by new siding and framing, so that they are built into the home. This differs from replacement windows, which are installed as a retrofit to existing structures.
  2. Structural Considerations – Since new construction windows are integrated into the building’s frame, they offer greater flexibility in terms of size, shape, and positioning. This allows for more customized design options compared to replacement windows, which must fit perfectly within existing openings.
  3. Enhanced Energy Efficiency – New construction windows are typically designed with advanced energy-efficient features, ensuring optimal insulation and reduced heat transfer. They can be fitted with low-emissivity (low-E) glass, multiple panes, and insulating gases to maximize energy efficiency and lower utility costs. While retrofit windows offer similar energy efficiency, new construction is less likely to develop leaks in the long term since it is sealed into the siding.
  4. Design Compatibility – New construction windows offer the opportunity to select windows that perfectly align with your architectural design, style, and preferences. They can be customized to complement the aesthetics and overall vision of your new construction project. It also makes it possible to install new windows in spaces that did not previously exist, or change the size of the window to better enhance the property.

Replacement windows, also known as retrofit windows, are still a great option for property owners and often our most common request here at Cal Energy.

Choose Cal Energy for New Construction Windows

At California Energy Consultant Service, we take pride in offering exceptional new construction window solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs. Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers like Milgard, Simonton, and Andersen enable us to provide a wide range of options to match your design requirements.

Whether you’re constructing a new home or embarking on a major renovation, our skilled team of contractors and installers will ensure a seamless installation process and deliver outstanding results. We are committed to respecting your property, providing premium windows, and exceeding your expectations.

When it comes to new construction windows in the Greater Sacramento area, California Energy Consultant Service is the name you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about our new construction window services and schedule a consultation for your new construction project.

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