Customer Story: Turning to Us for Windows in a New Home

Many home upgrades take place within a year or two of purchasing a home. That is when the buyer is most interested in trying to make the house their own. The same is true for windows. We are often contacted when someone has purchased their new property and they’re ready to fix or replace all the issues that they discovered when buying the home. Here in the greater Sacramento area, that often means upgrading windows, as many homes have windows that are single pane from the 1960s, or older double pane windows that have lived past their expiration date.

One customer contacted us needing to replace ALL their windows. They had recently purchased a home and all of their windows were older and in disrepair. Not only were they single pane, but they also were struggling with opening and closing. They were accepting other estimates, so we first had to give them an amazing price for the work. Once they accepted our price, our window team got to work.

The results were fast and exceptional. We finished exactly when we promised we would, delivering brand new windows at a cost far lower than many of our competitors. Not only did the customer love the work, but she told us that they were easier to clean than she expected and were opening, closing, and locking with incredible ease. She was thrilled with the work and quickly recommended us to friends and family.

We would love for you to be another one of our success stories. Please contact us today to learn more about our window prices, or to have us get started on your home.

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