Is Your AC Running? Then You Better Go Catch It!

It’s finally time. It may be later in the year than usual, but the weather is finally heating up and we’re getting many calls here at Cal Energy about air conditioners again.

We wanted to remind our customers that now is THE best time to make sure that you have given your air conditioner its annual tune-up.

Why It’s Important to Get Your AC Maintenance Early

Despite a surprisingly cool winter here in the Sacramento area, we’re expecting many 100+ degree days once again. It is not an exaggeration to say that that heat takes a massive toll on your air conditioner and your energy bills. It is, for most homes, the part of the home that uses the most amount of energy, and the only appliance that is running full speed for months at a time.

That strain means that an AC that has even a small problem is going to be at risk for a much larger, much more serious problem very quickly, either by wasting more energy or increasing the risk of AC damage and failure.

Getting your AC tuneup and maintenance completed now, before it is running full time, has the opportunity to help you:

  • Save money on your energy bills.
  • Reduce the risk of costly repairs.
  • Be more comfortable in your home as the weather heats up.

It also ensures that you can get your AC tuneup sooner, because even though Cal Energy has a very full staff of technicians able to come to your property quickly, this season can get very busy very quickly if many people delay and then all call at the same time. By calling now and scheduling your appointment as soon as possible, you can have a tuneup early that is better for your HVAC system AND easier to schedule.

Start Today with Cal Energy

Most people put off getting their HVAC maintenance completed until the very last minute. But there’s no reason to wait. Make sure you call California Energy Consultant Service today and let’s make sure that you’re giving your AC the maintenance it needs to remain operational all throughout the hot summer. Call today to get started.

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